August 25, 2004


Last night Jenn was annoyed that I pulled out my camera at dinner. Later we discussed banchan. Jenn finds it offensive that banchan is often compared to tapas, or worse, labeled an appetizer. "Banchan is a philosophy," she announced. End of discussion.

These protesters were all over midtown today. Better than the Save the Children guy who, when I passed him by, yelled at me "What you don't care about saving children?"

. . .

I've been doing painter interviews over at the apartment. All the people listed in the Franklin report are crazy expensive. Does anyone have a reliable painter, available on short notice, who can handle 3 stories and around 2500 square feet? We need to move fast. Jenn is dying to set up a baby room. I am dying to be settled. We're not looking for super cheap, but we don't want to pay top dollar either. It's a rental.

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08/26/04 01:12 PM

Why don't you do some of it yourselves? Fast, easy, get it just the way you want it. Or at least just the baby room. It might be fun. And it would be fast.

08/27/04 12:42 PM

Have you gone through the Manhattan Users Guide list yet?

They truly weed out the best.

love your site...

08/27/04 01:52 PM

Excellent site. Wish I had found it earlier!

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