August 27, 2004


Now that we are having child number one, Jenn and I are encountering dilemmas I never would have imagined even a few months ago. Strollers for example. My impression was that a stroller is a stroller; you just go to a baby store and buy one you like. I looked around and found a stroller called the bugagoo. It's cool looking, rugged, good on city streets, but expensive. No problem, right? Well apparently the bugaboo is something of a status symbol (It was featured on Sex and the City and is popular with celebrities. ) and there are many people that hate them because of that. Lots of people look bugaboo owners the way I look at Hummers owners--as foolish jackasses. Do we want to get involved in that? Would it be better to get an anonymous stroller? What about the Xplory. I could care less about the status factor, I just want a well designed machine that doesn't provoke people and is good on city streets.

My ipod's shuffle play has been coming up with lots of French songs today.

A paste of my recently played list:

Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit - Georges Brassens
A Handful of Songs - Annie Ross
Eggs and Sausage - Tom Waits
Toi Que Je Veux - France Gall
I Want You Back Again - The Zombies
Vaya Con Dios - Les Paul and Mary Ford
You're So Influential - Steve Allen
The Biggest Night of Her Life - Harpers Bizarre
Looks Looks Looks - Sparks
Lonesome Traveller - Karl Denver
Two Ton Feather - Dion
Ces Bottes - Les Sans Culottes
Joe Stalin's Cadillac - Camper Van Beethoven
Abilene - George Hamilton IV
Le Temps De L'Amour - April March
Satisfaction - Cat Power
Relax-Ay-Voo - Dean Martin
Heavenly Light Shine On Me - Swan Silvertones

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08/31/04 10:36 AM

having 3 kids, let me say from experience that you will own more than one stroller. i have had 4 -- the basic combi, the basic aprica, the double stroller and the $10 cheapo from toys r us -- and i needed all of them. at this point, you need one that reclines, collapses easily and is the lightest weight. practice collapsing the stroller with one hand while holding something weighing 10 pounds held on your other stroller because that will be your reality. you can actually get by at the beginning with an infant car seat and the rolling stand it snaps into because olivia will be in the infant seat until she's about 3 months old. i just checked out the bugaboo the other day and it seems really light and easy to collapse but doesn't look like it will hold a larger child -- your daughter will ride in the stroller until she's almost 4. hope this helps! good luck.

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