August 9, 2004

Making Packing Up Easier

1. Get Boxes from a box wholesaler. Boxes on the Move 1-800-BoxesON has been been a good one in LA. Note that there is a big quality difference in boxes (UHaul boxes for example tend to be fairly flimsy).

2. Get color coded labeled tape. Smart Move tape is what I've been using and I love it. You can buy it at U-Haul, but U-Hauls prices are high. Find it cheaper on line.

3. Use plastic bins for fragile stuff. If you can find a plastic bin wholesaler the cost of these is only a dollar or two more than a box. I use rubbermaid bins with latches. The great thing about the bins is that you can use them to store stuff in closets and under beds once you are all moved in. I packed all my dishes in pastic bins. Feels much safer than dish packs.

4. Label, label, label. I print mine out but I have a touch of OCD. I use a nice bold sans serif font ( ). Makes everything look organized even if it's not.

5. Put together an essentials bag... the stuff you will need while your stuff is in transition.

6. Pack early (I've failed on this one).

7. If you have something really really fragile or delicate, pack and move it yourself. You'll sleep better.

8. Be generous with packing material and pack all boxes to they are fairly tight with little give.

9. Use small boxes for heavy items like books.

10. Use big boxes for light things like linens.

11. Use small-bubble bubble wrap to prevent scratches. Use large-bubble bubble wrap to prevent breakage.
All of this is common sense, but it never helps to be reminded. I wish someone had reminded me.

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