August 9, 2004

Bohemian Rhapsody

This apartment was listed for 6500/month and was described as "bohemian".
The bathroom is in the middle of the room:

Well at least something can still make me laugh. The audacity!

It's hot. I'm sick to the point of feeling woozy... hundreds of boxes to pack before I sleep. Feeling grumpy.

posted at 07:14 PM by raul

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08/09/04 09:24 PM

it sounds like this move is draining your essence. why not stay in l.a.? your house looks splendid in the photos, much better than anything you can get in new york city.

08/12/04 02:16 PM

Unfortunately, L.A was draining our essences. We do love our home but our families and loved ones are mostly back east, and as we're about to have a baby ... Thanks for your comments though, it's so good to share! Jenn

08/11/06 03:34 PM

6500/month???? YIKES!

I do like the "bohemian" look. :) Reminds me of the bathroom featured in "In America."

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