May 10, 2007

Luo Dan

I love this picture by Luo Dan of a performer waiting to go on stage... It was included in the photographer's portfolio for Fotofest Beijing. Luo Dan has a nice touch, many of his images are infused with quiet lyricism and hints of narrative that draw the viewer right into the work... The fotofest portfolio was a short selection of images from his project National Highway 318. (National Highway 318 is longest east-west highway in China stretching 3314 miles from Shanghai to Tibet ...) Many more images from the project can be found on Luo Dan's personal website. This is a link to the actual images.

The fotofestbeijing site is worth checking out on it's own for it's varied portfolios by Chinese photographers of all stripes. Some suffer from lack of explanation, for example I think it helps to know that Li Yu is recreating stories found in local crime blotters... but even without text there is plenty of food for thought here...

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05/11/07 10:59 AM

Thank you for the link, gorgeous and evocative pictures...

Also for people who do not read chinese I wanted to let you know there are other projects linked on the top right corner of the artist's homepage:

National Highway 318 is the first project and you'll see 318 in the middle of the Chinese characters

05/11/07 01:18 PM

Wow thanks for finding this one. Killer portfolio by this guy. Can the person who reads mandarin translate titles for this one, and this one and this one.

05/13/07 07:39 AM

I'm not the guy who can read mandarin. I'm a guy who's learning mandarin.

All individual images have the same caption below.

From the little I understand, it means something to the effect of : "folks met on the way"

03/05/08 04:26 AM

It means "The fish who walks on the road."

03/08/08 01:53 PM

wow, really nice stuff. thanks for the link sr.

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