May 14, 2007

A Wander

Why is it that we dads, feel compelled to make home movies, even with crappy little digital cameras?

posted at 03:01 AM by raul

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05/14/07 03:44 AM

That's a lot of joy compressed into a cute little package. Seeing him so pleased that the stroller rolled back to him was priceless.

05/14/07 07:51 AM

Stop it!!!! You make me want to have kids! I'm 23 and shouldn't be having these thoughts!!!

05/14/07 08:30 AM

haha - My heart is bursting. It's amazing to see kids explore like that. The stroller the incline... priceless.

05/14/07 06:34 PM

Nice work. I know exactly how you feel.

05/14/07 09:11 PM

Simple, man. Because the subject(s) of our home movies matters more than the things we use to make them.

05/14/07 11:01 PM

Outside of 8 1/2, that was the best movie I've seen in years.

05/15/07 09:58 AM

Loved this flick. What Anne said!

And where'd you get that version of Search and Destroy? Who knew an Iggy Pop song could sound so sweet.

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