December 14, 2011

Livia Corona

I'm a big fan of Mexican photographer Livia Corona. Her most recent project titled "Two Million Homes for Mexico" was just featured on Culturehall. The project name comes from a promise that Mexican president Vincent Fox made in 2000 to build two million homes during his term. The homes were indeed built at a rate of 2500 per day, and now a decade later Corona explores what they've become.

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02/27/12 11:22 PM

Thanks for this post i have discovered Livia Corona through your blog,she is a fantastic photographer,i hope she'll carry on being successful.i have very recently discovered your blog and i have been hooked ever since. it is really inspiring and a gold mine in term of photography references.i have discovered a lot of talented artists thanks to you.
i also like the transcript of the conversations with your son i think it is very original and refreshing.
i like your photographs a lot as well.
pierre suu
paris france.

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