June 7, 2011

Dayanita Singh

dayanita singh

I have a couple of books of Dayanita Singh's work and am a big fan so I was excited to hear that Radius is publishing a new book titled House of Love. The press release says "House of Love is a work of photographic fiction that takes the form of nine short stories." I've not seen the book yet or the work, but am looking forward to grabbing a copy.

Don't know Singh's work? You can find a few of her images here and on her gallery site. Her books are available through Amazon UK.

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06/07/11 07:07 PM

Thanks for the lead. Perhaps a dull question, but what draws you to her work in general, besides that lovely photo you posted? I bought Sent a Letter, which was a nice little concept, but I only liked one of the four little books...one that seemed very personal and had portraits. The other three left me feeling very bored even after repeatedly looking at them. And further, I questioned why the tiny-tiny book for what looked like 220 film shots, why negate the qualities of that beautiful negative by reducing the size so? So, perhaps you can change my mind about this photographer. I am willing to be convinced. Ok, darn, I just looked at the gallery site and those images are very charming. Perhaps I just can't feel this for the book I bought.

06/07/11 09:30 PM

Her work is evocative; for me there's a quiet poetry to it. I don't know Sent a Letter, but Privacy, Go Away Closer, Dream Villa and I am as I am all have a strong sense of place and quiet. Even though the images are of India for me they evoke my grandmother's world in Mexico and I find that milieu - the middle class of the second world - underexplored photographically.

06/20/11 05:44 AM

Thanks for replying. I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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