April 15, 2011

Secret Clubs

R: "Dad, you know that girl Mimi?"

Me: "Yes."

R: "I used to HATE her. Really really hate her. And she HATED me. So much."


R: "But you know what's strange? Now we're in a secret club together. Now we're friends. Don't you think that's so weird."


R: "We're not allowed to have secret clubs in school, but everyone has them anyway."

Me: "What club are you in?"

R: "We're deciding on a name. It's a club I made. We study strange things like ghosts, and toys that move, and shadows that wave at you. Stuff like that. You know spooky stuff. We're writing notes down."


R: "Oh no. I just thought of something. What about vacation? How will we make meetings? I didn't think about that. It might be really bad."


Me: How many people are in your club?

R: "Three. Our club is really really secret. We don't tell anybody. Other people could join, but it takes a special kind of person. Nobody knows about it."

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