April 8, 2011

My 6 year old from his bunk bed

R: Dad do you remember before I was born?

Me: Yes.

R: Was everything the same?

Me: You weren't here, so it was different. We were lonely but we didn't know it.

R: Where was I?

Me: You weren't made yet.

R: Sometimes I think I remember.

Me: Before you were born?

R: Yeah. It just was like space or something.

Me: What did it feel like?

R: Sad. I didn't know anything. I didn't even know what to think. Maybe I was lonely. I don't know. It's complicated to think about. I remember things from a long time ago.


R: Did you ever travel to a high mountain before I was born?

Me: Yes.

R: I remember that. The stars were beautiful.


R: I saw a ghost in your room.

Me: What did it look like.

R: It was standing by your bed while you were sleeping. I was scared.

Me: Ghosts aren't real.

R: That one was.


R: Dad are you still there?

Me: Yes.

R: What are you doing.

Me: Thinking.

R: I like all kinds of mammals.

Quiet. Then snoring.

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04/08/11 04:25 AM

Thank you

(for this post and every other)


04/08/11 07:27 AM

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I love these bedtime talks with my son (5yo).

04/08/11 08:38 AM

I can't wait for my baby girl to speak. She's only 8 months old. I wonder if she comes up with these kinda creepy comments.

04/08/11 06:11 PM

I love that first interchange.

04/09/11 11:58 PM

Unreal, amazing and beautiful. Ruby is just starting to say some words, and I can't wait to talk to her about time travel and first memories and...! And colors, of course. And numbers. And the alphabet. *snore*

04/11/11 10:24 AM

i adore your posts on kids. what they say, what they do...the exchange. your words are timeless, touching, and hilarious to say the least. more please :)

05/18/11 02:54 PM

This is great.

05/20/11 09:52 AM

Ha! loved it. This was inspiration for my own post about my daughter today - at my site. Cheers and thanks for the great story...

05/20/11 05:54 PM

so cool

05/30/11 03:48 PM

this is beautiful. it should be made into a picture book.
or a short animation.

06/08/11 05:33 AM

perfect ...

07/03/11 10:17 PM

that's beautiful..

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