April 18, 2011


What to do about an old journal?

Blank save for three overwrought pages from 1987 (full of intrigues from forgotten parties) and a small set of drawings (labeled December 1988 of a mountain in Mexico — the view from my abuelito's window).

Then, apparently, nothing. Forgotten until tonight.

Bound in hand tooled chocolaty leather and adorned with hand annotated vintage maps pasted onto the end pages by me, it is a handsome volume — the kind of thing a twenty year old me would think proper to keep on a desk. Inside, the blank unruled pages hate being empty... and I am eager to fill them...

And yet... the emptiness speaks of the years between here and there, so I hesitate.


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04/19/11 07:24 AM

You could turn the book upside down, start from the other side of the book, and work your way back to 1987.

04/22/11 11:45 AM

I love Ian's idea. Also, I'm curious to know what you'll end up doing. I am in the same place at the moment.

Would be neat to see a picture of it!

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