January 7, 2011

Sydney Police Photography

This set of photographs from the the Sydney Police Department collected on the French visual culture site La Boite Verte is pretty astounding, I was reminded that Alec Soth showcased the same archive a few few years ago in a blog post titled Why Bother?.

I finally dug through the original archive myself at the The Historic Houses Trust site today. It's well worth the visit. The site allows download of full resolution versions of the images and provides context. Many of the descriptions are like that famous 6 word Hemingway short, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

"Child unknown, found wandering at large."

"Eugenia Falleni, alias Harry Crawford, special photograph number 234"

"Nudist colony surveillance."

"Film in stolen camera."

More images to whet your appetite:



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01/10/11 01:52 PM

These pics were made into a book - City of Shadows.

01/10/11 02:04 PM

Purchased! Thanks for the heads up!

01/19/11 09:39 PM

There is also a follow-up book called Crooks Like Us which tells the stories of the people in the photographs.


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