August 4, 2010

Liu XiaoFang


Liu XiaoFang's was one of the photographers chosen for reGeneration2, a selection of "50 photographers of tomorrow" curated by the Swiss Musée de lElysée. One of her images graces the cover of the Aperture foundation catalog of the exhibition. I don't know much about this photographer and have only seen her work online at the 789 Gallery. I was wondering if anyone out in internet world had a better link. I find the work striking but cold and would like a bit more context to see if it warms me up.

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08/23/10 11:33 AM

I really enjoy discovering artists through your blog that I would otherwise have not come across, but I gotta say that I miss your random musings and observations about life in NYC (and in particular, Brooklyn).

Hope you and your family are still enjoying our little corner of the world.

08/25/10 12:16 AM

I used to check your site daily, then a few years ago I had a couple big Life Events and sort of lost track of things for a while. Just tonight I thought to do some Googling until I found your site again. I'm so glad to see you're still posting; you've always had a great eye for photography, and your occasional writing is just terrific. Thanks for posting.

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