May 24, 2010

Gabriel's Dream

Gabriel's Dream from raul gutierrez on Vimeo.

Each morning G recounts his dreams for me.

Mr. Yee has requested a transcription:

Gabriel: "I was walking in the forest and then... I got lost. I don't know which way I should go, so I went this way, but I saw a ghost in the forest saying, "Ewww I'm gonna get you."

Me: "What did the ghost look like?"

Gabriel: "This big. He was a daddy ghost he said, 'I'm gonna get that boy.'

Me: "And what happened"

Gabriel: "I flied way with my rocket ship on my back. I flied away. And then he he, went all the way up to the sky, but he saw me and I got all of my rockets in my head and on my feet and then I flied away like this. And then... that's the end of that dream."

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