April 5, 2010

Youssef Nabil's Portraits

marina_abramovic.jpgMarina Abramovic by Youssef Nabil

Egyptian photographer Youssef Nabil uses the forgotten technique of hand coloring silver gelatin photographs to create images evoking an instant pang of nostalgia. For me they recall Mexican wedding photos from my parent's and grandparent's era (also my own Mexican baby photos), and Mexican movie promo photos, I distrust my instant attraction to the work and yet feel compelled by the technique/images nonetheless.

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04/05/10 03:55 PM

I see what you mean about it being a compelling photo. It 's somewhat of a psychological portrait in that her eyes seem to belie almost 2 distinct sides of personhood

04/21/10 10:04 AM

not so terribly forgotten. i'm seeing a good bit of the hand coloring in the contemporary scene in beijing.

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