February 2, 2010

Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Talked to a photographer friend today who had never heard of Yasuhiro Ishimoto. A situation I feel I had to correct:

Ishimoto was born in San Francisco, moved to Japan at 3, and then moved back at 17 only to be put in an interment camp a few years later. After being released he lived in Chicago from the late 40's to the 60's where he made many iconic photographs. While he returned to Japan in the 60's and has been there ever since, his his best known for his Chicago work. You can get a small taste of Ishimoto's sharp eye by scanning this gallery (unfortunately on an aggressively awkward-to-navigate website). A few images can be also seen at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. To really give Ishimoto his full due you have to grab one his books. A Tale of Two Cities is a good place to start.

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02/02/10 10:52 AM

ishimoto ignorance = a definite need to spread the love!

one of the chicago ID school greats, and one of my favorites period.

kurt over at japanexposures might have already mentioned this to you, but he's going to have a big show of his architectural photographs at Museum of Fine Arts Houston this spring: http://bit.ly/9BUVLx

maybe a reason to head on over to Texas?

02/02/10 11:37 AM

Always one of my favourites. And always amazed his superb images aren't presented in their full glory somewhere in the web ether. A superb photographer.

02/03/10 12:10 AM

..reminds me of Meatyard

02/05/10 04:42 AM

and which one do you focus at looking at this picture: the corpse fiancé, the voodo child or the innocent bystander?

02/23/10 03:21 AM

thanks for posting this... Was unknown to me

03/30/11 08:05 AM

Nothing to do with Ishimoto, however this youtube interview is worth watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBtL1eLSkcY

Birmingham documentary photographer Pogus Caesar talking to Richard Lutz about his latest exhibition on South Africa, his days filming the Birmingham Bullring under construction and how his snapper-career all started in New York .

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