December 28, 2009

Love Trickles Down

From something my wife is writing:

"You do know, you should remember Ji-Hyon ah – love flows down. From person to person it only trickles down."
I tell her I’m not sure I understand. I’d never heard this saying before.
"It’s an old Korean saying. This is one of the ways we understand love. It moves downward, from grandmother to mother, from mother to child – this is how we take care of each other. But the one below will never understand the love of his parent so he cannot love as much. Love is always greater on top. And so is the pain."

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12/30/09 03:51 PM

wonderful writing. I agree about the greater the top.

02/03/10 07:34 AM

Lovely thought, of love trickling down. It makes psychological/sociological sense too. And is such a poetic way to speak about it.

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