November 18, 2009

Astrid Kruse Jensen

Busstop14cm.jpgIt seems that more and more photographers are working at night these days often for no good reason, but partially, I suppose, because over the last few years it's become much easier to work at night because of faster films, and higher ISO digital cameras. I know I've been guilty of this. And much of the night photography out there looks like the work of the handful of photography stars who have made a name for themselves shooting in the dark.

I like Astrid Kruse Jensen's work because rather than reminding me of any specific photographer, Edward Hopper's paintings comes to mind. And pretty much any photographer whose work evokes Hopper has my number.

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12/31/09 02:02 PM

For me (and I assume some others) it is simply because night is free. Work is done, the kids are in bed, your wife is watching tv - why not go shoot a few frames.

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