September 18, 2009

More Adventures in Stop Motion

1980 Adventures in stop motion) on Vimeo.

I think this was my 2nd or 3rd super 8 flick and the last one I'll force upon my readers here (more flix will be posted on vimeo. The stories I think are self explanatory. I'm the super dorky kid in the purple who shows up near the end of the film at about 2:36.

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09/19/09 12:03 PM

What was it about the 70's early 80's about stop motion and invisible cars/motorcycles.

This is so great. You've inspired me to dig up my old super 9 stashes.

09/24/09 09:44 AM

Raul, I have been a fan of your blog for a couple of years. I have your feed bookmarked, but it has been broken since July 17. I am referring to the link. I love your stuff, and would love to be able to see your blog via my aggregator again. :-(

Just wanted to let you know. Now I have two month's worth of entries to catch up on...

09/24/09 03:17 PM

Hmm... What aggregator are you using? It is being published and I see it without problem in netnewswire and google reader.... Will make a few tweaks...

09/25/09 08:51 PM

I know how much work went into the stop frame work because our son did this on Super 8 film for years...
and now he's a professional animator.

I think I loved his flip books the most.

Thanks for showing these, Raul, I could happily look at lots more.

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