September 12, 2009

Charlie Roberts


Someone asked me today if there's anything I miss about LA. After my wife's kitchen garden, morning swims in my own pool, and the good eats, my final answer was stopping by the Richard Heller gallery. While it's been a few years since I've been back to LA, at I can at least visit the gallery online for inspiration. Their artist lineup is top notch... hard to choose a gallery favorite, but if you forced me, it might be Norway based American painter/sculptor Charlie Roberts. I've wanted to own one of his paintings for years.

You can find a good interview of Roberts at Beautiful Decay. A radio interview can be found on KUHF.

More of Robert's work can be found at Kravets |Wehby (click on images for bigger sizes) and Vous Etes Ici,

Not Related: There's another artist named Charlie Roberts who makes videos of himself covered in peanut butter. Worth watching for the sheer horror.

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09/12/09 01:33 PM

Hey Raul. It's been a long time! Funny when you were in college you always evangelized artists you love. Nice to see that years later you're still doing the same thing! One of my favorite memories from back then is the tour we did in Paris where you introduced me to artist Gerard Richter. Please email and say hi (couldn't find your email address here). We pass through NY from time to time. I'd love to meet your wife and have my kids meet your kids!

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