June 20, 2009

Your Secret Age

I believe most of us have a secret age separate from our actual age. It might be 4 or 8 or 62. If you want to know someone's secret age, watch them ride a bike.

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06/24/09 05:40 PM

How strange. I fell asleep last night thinking that I've actually never stopped being eight, and that it was my finest year. Then your post was the first thing I read this morning.

06/25/09 12:09 AM

Then I think I must be about 13.

08/03/09 09:10 PM

I will forever be 27.

09/22/09 11:42 AM

love yr site
love yr photos
found yr site from yr flickr....
love this post
for the longest time i've known that i will never be older than 12

12/23/09 08:42 AM

but y a bike? i dun understand

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