June 3, 2009

Requiem for Kashgar

Part of me doesn't believe I'll never be able to see Kashgar's old city again, but then again part of me doesn't believe a government would destroy old Beijing, and yet it's gone.

Read the New York Times story on the plan to flatten Kashgar's old city and be sure to check out the audio slideshow. The pictures below are mine.


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06/04/09 02:03 AM

thank you for posting these wonderful photographs.

I watched the NYTimes audio slide show with a sense of despair.
It feels like Tibet all over again. Divide and rule.

06/04/09 02:33 AM

Actually it's more like raze, relocate out of town, and bring in lots of Chinese people. I'd love to hear more about Kashgar's old city, a place I guess I will now never see...

06/04/09 03:27 AM

just thinking on the hoof...why don't we have an exhibition in NYC of people's photos of Kashgar ? H has a lot of slides.

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