May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My wife was out of town this mother's day. For her card I asked my kids to close their eyes and tell me why they love their mom. As she was on their mind, the results I think were especially true. Here are the unedited results:

Raul Andres - Age 4

Happy Mother's Day.

Dear Mom,

I love you to not wear clothes. You are like a... like a... lamp. You make me feel happy.

I want you to go in the milk and the salt.

Love Raul Andres

Now go in the sugar.

Gabriel - Age 2

Dear Mommy,

Yes. Yes. Yes. I love mommy. I love mommy, one, two, three, four, twelve!
I eat her all up.

Me Gabriel

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05/11/09 10:24 AM

I see a future wedding speech!

Thanks for sharing. So amusing and real.

05/20/09 01:14 AM

this is so so so great.
sent this to my husband as a hint that i want a card too next year!

did you get to record their voice too? that would've been such treasure too.

06/03/09 05:59 PM

fantastic. bold use of language!

06/03/09 07:38 PM

sigh. now i want a little boy.

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