March 27, 2009

Pekka Turunen

The Kominek Gallery in Berlin is opening a show and selling a few precious copies of the cult classic book by Pekka Turunen, Against The Wall. I've loved this body of work for years and would be thrilled to see it in person (Tickets to Berlin anyone?). The website only shows a small fraction of this project which unfortunately isn't available anywhere I know of online. Turunen is in good company in this gallery which also shows Joakim Eskildsen, Misha Kominek, Andrew Miksys, Birthe Piontek, and Simon Roberts. An impressive crowd.

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04/18/09 05:46 AM

Funny when I find out about what's showing in my town from astute photo friends in the states. Thanks for the tip, I'll be heading out that way today. The gallery roster is pretty impressive. I'll see if there are any copies of Against the Wall left...

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