February 16, 2009

Rusyns - Lost Homes

I know I'm late to the game in pointing out a project by Lucia Nimcová titled Rusyns: Lost Homes which documents an obscure Slovakian minority who were displaced when a dam was built and their villages inundated, but it's nicely done project and worth checking out if you haven't seen it. I only wish there were more photographers and more connections between images/maps/audio etc....

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02/16/09 05:16 AM

Raul, these family archives are astonishing.
I particularly like the panning to left and right over certain photographs; the whole project feels like a film that now needs a good editor to put some of the information together.
It is stunning to look at. The silent Super 8 film-like cameos are brilliant. (There is a Canadian film of a canoe journey done in Super 8 that both H and I would love to remember- title and film-maker...)

The Slovakian stories here do beg to be made more explicit, but there is so much power in the silence, also. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

02/18/09 08:52 AM

you find the work of Claudine Doury interesting:


02/24/09 05:47 AM

well ... the website is a kind of mirror to the book which was published ... the exhibition consists of much more material (specially photographic) ... and shows or tries to depict different contexts of being forced out of your home ...

but i would definitely not call RUSYNS an obscure minority

02/25/09 10:50 AM

While 1.2 million people have Rusyns blood only 55,000 claim the ethnicity. For most people outside of the Ukraine/Slovakia etc,, this is fairly obscure!

03/02/09 05:25 PM

well ... if measured by numbers ... you might be right ... though in central and eastern europe these numbers does not really tell aything

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