February 4, 2009

Joe Ades, RIP


This is Mr. Ades here in Brooklyn a few months ago. He was always up for a chat about his business, his life, or the things he saw on the street. But the minute customers would show up, it was back to work. I last saw him about a week on a very cold day, occupying his regular spot in Union Square, making sales.

NYTimes Article, The Vanity Fair Article, David Galbraith's De-mythologizing Eulogy (via kottke), photos

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02/04/09 04:51 PM

love this guy. Thanks for the picture.

I found it interesting that people portrayed the man so differently...

02/04/09 09:39 PM

aw. that makes me sad. i saw him too a few weeks ago in union sq. no coat, just in that dapper suit and tie.

02/05/09 09:09 AM

He will be missed...I saw him just a few weeks ago..sad

02/23/09 10:48 PM

I sadden by such passing of a man who gave spirit to the Union Square Farmer's Market I've saw him at least twice a week. He was unique and well spoken. He we'll surely lived amongst people who met him and knew his very unique english accent. From all of us at Union Square. Mr. Ades you'll be dearly missed.

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