January 27, 2009

Tomokyo Yoneda

Tomoko Yoneda is a Japanese photographer based in London whose books I've been studying lately. I'm intrigued by her quiet photos that reveal histories hidden in plain sight. In one portfolio she shoots the locations of foreign spy rendezvous, in another she documents the indirect impressions we make on houses (discolorations from radiator heat for example), and in another she photographs banal landscapes that were the scenes of battles and historical events (a pretty sea view at night turns out to be the location where Dr. Mengele drown himself for example). Her portfolios are little puzzle poems, and reminders that we are all surrounded by ghosts.

More on Yoneda: Deutsche Bank Art Magazine, Japan Times

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01/27/09 04:20 PM

I like the pale quiet wistful tones in her work. glad to see she is having some quality recognition

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