January 14, 2009

Patrick O'Dell


One of the great pleasures in life is jumping into a car and just driving for a couple of days or weeks with no particular destination in mind.

I don't know the story behind Patrick O'Dell's Natives (shot for Vice Magazine), but I'm guessing he hopped into a car and ended up on a reservation somewhere way out west. Feels exactly right and I like it because of that.

The rest of the portfolio can be found here.

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01/28/09 11:48 AM

I felt a bit disturbed by his portfolio, the way it
re-circulates stereotypes about native Americans..

have you seen this long but interesting discussion about photos recorded at the Tate in 2003 ?


01/29/09 12:32 PM

I understand why you might read it as re-circulating stereotypes, but I didn't see it that way at all... I connected with the images because they felt authentic. I've often found myself in similar communities when road tripping around the west and the pictures could have been illustrations of my memories... so I look at these images as being more about the photographer than the subjects... photos looking in from the outside rather than the other way around.

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