December 5, 2008

Abelardo Morell

Perennial Heading East favorite Abelardo Morell is showing at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery this weekend with large 50"x60" prints of his camera obscura work. It's certainly worth the trip uptown.

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12/05/08 08:04 PM

Thanks for the heads up -- I'm amazed by this guy's photos.

12/05/08 11:38 PM

what's more amazing to me is that they are always right there hiding in plain sight... Get a little bit of black cloth and roll your own!

12/06/08 01:31 AM

If only I lived in New York. These are truly wonderful.

12/06/08 07:58 PM


12/08/08 08:37 AM

'Perennial favorite' is the right thing to say, should have used it too when I wrote about him! I saw one exhibition in NY at Bonni Benrubi two years ago, his prints are marvelous. Sent him some questions for an interview days ago, can't wait to put it on the blog.
Grettings from Hippolyte Bayard

12/09/08 02:21 PM

If you are interested in Abelardo Morell's photographs, check out the documentary film Shadow of the House - Abelardo Morell. Director Allie Humenuk filmed Morell and his family for over 7 years both at home and abroad. It is a great film, and it really captures Morell and his work beautifully!

Check out the trailer at the webiste: or on the YouTube channel:

07/13/09 04:43 AM

Very interesting. Would have been quite interesting to see more of this work.

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