November 29, 2008

The Garden

Today's kimchi making by my wife's mom and recent New Yorker article about a Hangzhow restauranteur who serves local/organic dishes (a minor miracle in modern China), spurred a long conversation tonight between my wife and myself about the practical difficulty of eating locally grown organic food, the lost culinary worlds of our childhoods, and the messiness of milking cows. (In her ideal future world for us, Jenn would own a cow and make butter by hand. She would also keep chickens for eggs — she almost convinced me to buy chickens when we were in LA, but I owned a chicken as a child as wasn't convinced.)

Anyway, the conversation led me to search for a photographer who's name has escaped me and whose site I ultimately did not find who has super portfolio of photos of the English and their kitchen gardens. Instead, I discovered Lucas Foglia, a Yale MFA student, who has a nice portfolio of images taken in and around the Somerset Community Garden in Rhode Island. What is extraordinary to me about these pictures is that taken individually you might have guessed they had been taken in Cambodia, Africa, Eastern Europe, The American South etcetera, almost anywhere but Rhode Island.

Also be sure to check out Foglia's series Re-Wilding covering families who have rejected modern society and have decided to live off the grid.

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11/29/08 07:25 AM

reminds me of some work done about the urban gardens in and around lisbon, portugal and the people who work them (empty lots, highway medians, beneath overpasses, etc.). should look them up.

11/29/08 03:00 PM

there is a well-known dandelion farm in Maine. That would be a dream of mine because they are so good for us.

Dreaming about organic farming....this book claims you only need 5 acres to become commercial and that's in Maine !

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