November 14, 2008

Items in My Memory Palace



posted at 07:14 AM by raul

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11/15/08 08:26 PM

dirty clown should meet eliot's dirty bear. they would be good friends.

11/15/08 08:54 PM

I swear I must have had the same clown. It resonates in a strange sort of way for me. I like that it's missing it's collar and the little red thing on the top and is the right shoulder stitched? You should ask people to submit their pictures. It would be interesting!

11/16/08 10:24 PM

at three months you look just like you did in college. uncanny.

11/17/08 01:31 AM

I haven't laid eyes on you since 1985 but I also thought this picture was so very you. But my favorite online picture of you is this one. That's the face of the wonderful kid with the funny name who made such a huge impact on my life. I've been meaning to send you some pictures of my family on facebook, but I'm a little bit slow with facebook, so send me your email if you are curious to see how we all turned out.

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