November 5, 2008

A New Day


posted at 08:56 AM by raul

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11/05/08 10:23 AM

I love that big headline.

We're putting today's Times in the sealed bag with the Times from New Year's Day 2000, each of my kids' birthdays, and 9-11...

11/05/08 05:15 PM

A beautiful new day indeed.

I so appreciate your artistry, both in words and pictures. Thank you.

11/07/08 08:26 AM

will you sell these as prints? i'd much rather buy these beautiful photos than an overpriced copy of wednesday's 'new york times' on ebay!

11/07/08 06:27 PM

What a fantastic shot.

Really sharp image. What kind of glass are you using?

11/07/08 10:45 PM

ha Gabriel, I assume you're either joking or talking about the flickr picture taken a few minutes before the polaroids.

the polaroids above were taken with a soon-to-die light-leaky sx-70 with a scratched up lense almost as old as I am.

the shot on flickr was taken with a 20 year old 24mm manual focus Nikkor lens I use for 90% of my photos...

jennie, I'll happily sell you a print... I've emailed you directly...

11/08/08 12:33 PM

Oh, haha. Sorry, let me clarify. I was asking about the flickr photo. The polaroids are great, too.

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