September 30, 2008

Beate Gütschow

I recently saw the Beate Gütschow image above in person. She creates large scale idealized collage landscapes from scores of electronically grafted together images. The results are both seemless and unreal. For me the images evoke classic landscape painting more than they do other photographs and in thinking about this I realized that her process is probably not much different than tradtional landscape painters who generally either sit out in nature and take in a scene going from detail to detail or they sit in a studio culling details from memory. EIther way the result is idealized nature in which each element recieves more scrutiny than it would normally... These images are part of show/monograph by Aperture titled LS/S which features pastorals like the one above as well as similarly artifical black and white cityscapes. I haven't seen the book yet so I'm curious to see how the seemingly very different bodies of work work together.

More on Gütschow's work can be found on 52 photographers.

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10/01/08 08:43 PM

I think it is lovely and I wish it were hanging on one of my walls.

10/16/08 10:14 AM

we have two works by gutschow (LS_17 and S_13).

she's a genius.

the works from both series are fully realized. the colour landscapes gave way to an amazing grayscale series of urban architectural landscapes...stunning and devastating and exacting and original.

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