August 13, 2008

Olafur Eliasson

Melting_ice_on_Gunnars_land.jpgMelting Ice on Gunnar's Land by Olafur Eliasson

Sure Olafur Eliasson is famous for his blockbuster art projects like Waterfalls that currently graces this fair city, and sure his big museum installations are thought provoking and spectacular, but I am most moved by this artist's photographs which are usually presented as series in a grid. They are simple and soulful and for me at least are humanizing. There are several photo series on the official Eliasson website, although they are shown in horribly small image sizes. If you are interested you are better off seeking out his books.

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Note to artist's everywhere. Show decent sized pictures of your work online. It's 2008, time to size up.

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08/16/08 06:04 PM

even the title is charming, like Laxness' novel, "Independent People'. ( O.E's father is Icelandic) H says he is extremely charming, and has a gift with people.

09/20/08 09:59 PM

Does the book you provided a link for focus more on the photo series work or his instillation work? The photos are stunning, even when viewed small.

09/20/08 11:43 PM

The book is a broad survey of his work coving both photography and installations...

09/20/08 11:44 PM

The book is a broad survey of his work covering both photography and installations...

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