August 21, 2008

Bianca Brunner

I first came across the Bianca Brunner's work at Aperture's ReGeneration show a few years ago where the image above from her Limbo series was prominently featured. Google Brunner a Swiss born photographer living in England and most of the top results are bloggers wondering where they can see more of her work. A bit of digging reveals work from both her Limbo and Hotel series on (text here). Another enigmatic series titled Wood is also online. Enjoy.

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08/22/08 10:31 AM

Strange, the first thing I thought is that this is how Alfonsina Storni must have looked going into the sea. Haunting photo. A bit scary too. Will look a her other work. Thanks.

08/22/08 11:21 AM

I saw that picture at Aperture and it stuck with me. I regret not buying the edition she printed with them. It sold out really fast. Thanks for the links.... keep 'em coming.

08/25/08 03:39 PM

Just thought I would alert you that another blog ( ) seems to be doing a bit of link thievery. Lately I've noticed he keeps blogging the same things as you a few days after you with no acknowledgment. I don't think he just randomly came up with these links and with the Korea link on his own and happened to find them a few days after you. It's not that he doesn't have interesting things to say, but I find presenting links that other people have dug up without noting your source really lame. I had a design blog a few years ago and one of the most depressing things about blogging was that you would spend a long time putting up a good post and people would then just re=post the info as if they had discovered it themselves. Sometimes I think there really are only a few actually bloggers and everyone else is just a commenter/reblogger. Tumbler has made a culture out of this! Anyhow, love your shit!

08/25/08 04:03 PM


Sometimes 2 people do end up blogging the same thing totally innocently (many of us frequent the same websites, subscribe to the same gallery newsletters etc... I've noticed for example that many photography bloggers reblog photoeye newsletters) and sometimes we read something and it sticks with us and then we forget where it came from (I have 600 some odd rss feeds in my reader!). As for the above. who knows. It does seem odd that he would blog those two photographers who haven't had shows or announcements about their work recently, but there are a million paths to any particular post. I like Shane's blog and ultimately I don't really care. My view is the more people see the work of those photographers the better.

Everyone lives by their own set of blogging rules. Mine are simple:

If I read something on someone else's blog and want to comment on it or think I have something to add, I include a via link. I think this promotes good link karma and is a generally friendly thing to do.

If I come up with a blogging idea on my own because I've seen a show or read about something offline but then find something linked to that content idea on another blog via google I normally don't include the via link unless I am directly referencing the other blog or if I'm using their information sources (ie stuff I didn't find myself via google).

In short I use via links to either say "this is the source of this blogging idea" or "this is the source of my information".

I generally don't re-blog stuff I see on popular sites because I figure everyone reads them. Why reblog something you've read on kottke or boingboing? Your audience already reads them already. I generally don't reblog stuff from photography blogs on my blogroll either. I figure if I read those blog so must most of you and why waste your time.

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