July 6, 2008

Things I know about Night

Nights in LA smell of sweet, like honeysuckle and jasmine,
Nights in Harbin smell of coal and cabbage.
Nights in Monterrey smell of smoke from a grill.

Nights in the desert smell of dew and dust.
Nights in the mountains smell of starlight.
Nights by the sea smell of salt.

Nights in New York smell of silver and burnt electricity.
Nights in Los Vegas smell of old smoker's smoke.
Nights on the moon smell of fresh gunpowder (or so I hear).

Nights holding a newborn smell of piss and lime.
Nights in my grandmother's arms were full of vanilla and cinnamon.
Nights holding my wife are ripe with plums.
Nights alone are full of other nights remembered.

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07/06/08 03:07 AM

Nights in 2008 are hotter than 1998.

07/06/08 03:24 PM

Nights in Chicago smell of chocolate,
Nights in LA smell of smoke and skunk
Nights in Detroit smell of idle time.

Nights at camp smell of girls.
Nights in dad's truck smell of cigars.
Nights in hot cars smell of boys,

Nights in late spring smell of summer,
Nights in late fall smell of winter,
Nights alone smell of the memory of him.

07/06/08 05:49 PM

Nights in Edinburgh smell of dreich.
Nights in Dumfrie smell of dreich.
Nights on the Isle Of Mull smell of dreich.
Even my dearest mither smells of dreich.
We are Scottish.

07/11/08 12:40 AM

Nights in Tunisia
Nights in Boston
Nights in Bombay (when it was still called Bombay)
Nights in Kansas City
Nights in Oslo
We had so many nights
But now you are with her
And your scent grows faint.

07/12/08 08:57 PM

Nights in our bedroom smell of damp down pillows
And cotton washed with Bounty dryer sheets.
Nights in our bedroom smell of dwindling passions
And the scent of another man's cologne on the sheets.
Nights in our bedroom smell of sadness and longing and of the seashells that the other man has collected and given to me to keep in glass bowl on the antique table beside the bed.

07/21/08 10:54 AM

Smelly July nights
hot and wet as we lie still
exhausted from work.

I smell a neighbors
dinner wafting through the room
It makes me hungry.

I smell the cat box
I smell the waiting garbage
and the dirty clothes.

In my dreams at night
I smell the stories of art
and make something new.

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