July 23, 2008

6AM with Gabriel


1. Bite the apple.

2. Pass the apple.

3. Wait for a bite.

4. Receive the apple.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until done.

6. Break open the core.

7. Consider each seed.

8. Go start the day.


The same but different: First Hour, Eating Apples

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07/23/08 10:48 AM

Dear Raul!

This is just beautiful :)

"Consider each seed", haha, magnificent.
Thanks for, once again, sharing!

Sahba from Portugal

07/23/08 11:16 AM

Little children have Zen, down pat.

07/23/08 12:01 PM

I've met Gabriel. He's many things - a steamroller, a mad scientist, a knee-slapping comedian, and a troublemaker. Zen he is not!

Love the picture.

Can't wait to see you and your family soon.

07/24/08 10:42 PM

i love the poetry of this list, as well as the giant, abstract-looking apples in the background. He is beautiful, and to think he sat on my countertop once : )

08/02/08 11:17 AM


I thought of your kids when I came across this site about 'counting' songs:


reminded me how my sisters and i use to sing "white corral bells" in rounds and how singing it use to bring equilibrium back in to our large (5) boisterous group

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