June 7, 2008

Zhuang Xueben

A reader named Mu Qian turned me on to the work of Zhuang Xueben who travelled the Tibetan regions of Amdo and Kham in the 1930s. I don't think it's just my history in this region that makes the pictures so fascinating. Anybody have any more good Xueben links or book references outside what is easily googleable?

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06/08/08 01:20 AM

Fascinating pictures. Looks like there's a book: http://www.bookschina.com/1346960.htm

06/08/08 01:20 AM

Fascinating pictures. Looks like there's a book: http://www.bookschina.com/1346960.htm

06/09/08 12:18 PM

incredible find. I can't help feeling there's a parallel to the history of native Americans unfolding before our eyes here. We look into their faces of 1930 and know how things turned out in ways many of them wouldn't..

06/09/08 03:38 PM

Raul, wonderful links, beautiful and moving photographs. I do wish I knew of something similar to share with you as you requested but I don't. Thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed what this post brought me.

06/09/08 11:01 PM

Amazing pictures, Raul.

06/10/08 01:56 AM

thank mu qian, not me! He's the one who found them.

06/11/08 11:36 AM


Not quite the same, but from Yunnan comes Forgotten Kingdom by Peter Goullart, his record of life in and around the Naxi town of Lijiang ( an edition is online above). The same site also has an online archive of Joseph Rock's images from Yunnan.


06/18/08 05:01 AM

Glad to see that everybody here likes the late Mr Zhuang's pictures. He's a master, but not known to many. There's a treasure in his works waiting for us to explore. I'll definitely look for more works of his. Unfortunately a part of his works have already been lost during the "cultural revolution".

Hi Raul

06/18/08 08:55 AM


Spencer Chapman and many other photographers of Tibet here.

06/18/08 10:58 AM

Wow that's an incredible archive. Can't believe I didn't know about it. You just killed my weekend.

01/17/12 04:10 AM


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