June 17, 2008

Markku Lahdesmaki

Finnish photographer Markku Lahdesmaki's high profile editorial work doesn't do much for me, it's too finished and perfect in the way the editorial world demands, but I love many of his personal portfolios, especially the ones taken in Chinese Space Museums and in the Finnish countryside. (via my friend Tina who I've been trying to have lunch with for over a year even though we run into each other all the time)

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06/20/08 08:53 AM

Skating in the middle of nowhere. Loved this photograph. Moving on to check out his portfolio.

06/26/08 04:33 PM

As always, wonderful find! I rely on Heading East for my weekly beautiful-images fix.

07/20/08 03:03 PM

She is skating on icy Lake of Inari which is located 280 km north of Arctic Circle. Her dress is Finnish Sami people's national costume. The photo must have been taken in spring otherwise there would have been completely dark all day and night.

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