May 5, 2008

Me Hearty


raul andres: I am Pirate Raul. This is my treasure chest. We will bury it.

me: What's in that treasure chest?

Pirate Raul: GOLD! SILVER!

me: anything else?

Pirate Raul: and... and...bones! and coins! and... peg legs!

me: and?

Pirate Raul: rocks and shells and... chocolate!

me: and?

Pirate Raul: and... and... Cucumbers! Lots and lots of cucumbers!

posted at 08:31 AM by raul

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05/05/08 10:08 AM

It's just adorable. Way too adorable, way too cute.

05/05/08 08:45 PM

Your kids are going to get a rude awaking in the real world where nothing is as fun as hanging out at home.

05/07/08 12:20 PM

The most fun time I have ever had conversing with someone has been with my little boy. All the wonder, the fun, the unguarded observation... It is the stuff of pure enchantment a child's way of framing replies. This post was lovely.

05/09/08 06:16 AM

:) wonderful wonderful wonderful.

05/17/08 10:39 AM

Dear Raul,

I am the same Susan that just posted on your haraboji post.

I would love to know what camera you use to capture your beautiful photos. My digital camera just doesn't compete!

With love Susan Lee

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