May 20, 2008

Just a Few of the Book Requests From my 3 Year Old While We Were Looking For A Parking Spot Today

I want a book about all the trees.

And can you find me a book about volcanos?

And leaves. I like books with all the kinds of leaves.

Don't forget shark books. Tiger sharks and hammer heads and sharks with teeth that eat other sharks.

And volcanos! You never get me volcano books.

Also one about salad.

Daddy does it cost a lota money to get a book about train stations?

I want a book with the blue fish and one with brown fish and one with silver fish.

And a book about chimneys! And peacocks! And armadillos!

Do you have a book about the third rail?

Can you get me all these books?

I want one book about streetsweepers and.. and.. and... a concertina wire book!

And maybe one about giants with lotsa lotsa pictures. Three giants!

I will find books about rodeos.

Can we organize my books so we can see the spine?

Daddy do you love books too?

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05/20/08 08:42 AM

Essential hope for humanity.

All of those books sounds wonderful. A book about chimneys, get Hilla Becher on the phone.

05/20/08 11:28 AM

Hello rauls! This is so him. He was asking you about concertina wire on the street when I ran in to you guys last week, my thought: "gosh, he's a 100% city kid. I wonder if Sallie will turn out the same way? We're just eager for her to start talking at this point."

Cheers from around the block!

05/22/08 08:46 AM

The third rail?
Concertina wire??


05/22/08 10:31 AM

We ride the subway lots and Raul Andres always insists on knowing all the various parts of the subway trains and tracks. When he heard about the third rail and how dangerous it was, he was instantly fascinated. Now it is mainly spoken in reverent tones. As in "Do you know what that is [voice drops to a whisper], that's the third rail..."

The concertina wire fascination is similar, we'll be sitting in a restaurant or something and he'll spot it in the distance on the top of a building. "Look!" He'll jump out his chair, "concertina wire! Never! Never! Never! touch it because it will chop your fingers off!"

Salad is a mystery.

05/22/08 01:54 PM

funny how kids absorb the new info and make that into the most dramatic thing in the world. my son was like that with shadow and a bee.

05/22/08 03:25 PM

wow, just like his dad eh?

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