May 2, 2008

Father and Son, Litang


A blog reader named Stella wrote in asking about the story behind the picture above. I always like hearing the stories behind other people's images so I don't mind telling the stories behind mine. If you have a question about a particular picture, just email and I'll answer when I have a chance.

This photo was taken two years ago durning a Tibetan festival where herdsmen gather to celebrate and do business—literally to horse trade. The white horse was up for sale and it was initially the horse that drew me (I have a thing for pictures of white horses). So I was walked over and was enjoying the the back and forth discussion when the owner of the horse came over to check me out. We traded hellos and he obviously found me amusing. He asked if i was married or single. I said married. He asked me if I had children. I said I had one. He asked if it was a boy or a girl. I said a boy. He smiled and putting his fingers to his mouth, whistled loudly. "My son" he gestured. His son came over and gave him a big hug and I took this shot. Then I took a polaroid and gave it to them as thanks. The polaroids drew a crowd and I only had a few pieces of polaroid film left so I quickly exited. For the rest of the week I would be wandering around when I would hear the distinctive whistle, then I would look around and see the man in the distance. He would tip his hat to me and I would tip my hat back to him.

That's the story.

The print is available through my gallery in several editions as both as a traditional print and a platinum print.

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05/02/08 12:31 PM

Thanks so much for responding! This is just great. I know the danger in asking about the behind the scenes story of a photograph is that it can be demystified, but in this case it adds.

Thanks again.

05/02/08 01:07 PM

That's just beautiful. What a wonderful story to go with a stunning photograph.

I'd never thought of the issue of having to protect your polaroid film as everyone will want a photo!

05/02/08 01:58 PM

aw that was so good for him to do that

05/02/08 05:02 PM

this post is so good, that halfway through my comment i decided to email you!

05/03/08 02:04 AM

I've posted a few questions for you. I've been following your work for years on flickr.

05/19/08 05:51 AM

I really liked this story.

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