April 24, 2008

William Lamson

If you subscribe to the photography blogs in the sidebar you've probably seen William Lamson's site mentioned recently (he's recently updated to include several new projects). His work is being discussed because so many of his projects are intensely visual/amusing/thought provoking. I especially love the series titled Intervention.

William is a semi-neighbor of mine and I often see him puttering around the neighborhood doing normal everyday things which is odd after seeing his work because you imagine him going home to a room full of black balloons and guns or an all white lab full of trampolines and people in white hazmat suits. Don't know what I'm talking about? Time to click over to his site.

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04/25/08 12:39 AM

Probably 80% of the time I hear about a writer or photographer or artist I like, they live in Brooklyn. I imagine Brooklyn as this amazingly rich and creative place. I hope you people who live there know what you've got.

-stuck in Idaho

04/25/08 12:46 PM

Lamson is pretty great. He feels sort of like the more playful lovechild of Chris Burden and Joseph Beuys.

04/25/08 12:51 PM

Another thought — what would a collaboration between William Lamson and William Hundley (http://www.williamhundley.com) look like I wonder?

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