April 18, 2008

Square America's Book of Sleep

I love taking pictures of people asleep. In sleeping children we see their futures. In adults we see their childhoods. We relax. Our waking masks lowered, we become truer versions of ourselves.

The image above is from the site Square America which collects vernacular photography and has posted a wonderful collection of vintage photos of people sleeping. Check them out.

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04/19/08 03:25 PM

I'm always surprised at how compositionally perfect so many vernacular photographs are.

04/24/08 04:14 PM

Hi Raul
I agree, something about sleeping people in photographs is pretty interesting. its a little strange, i think, the fascination that photographers have with sleeping and beds and relative things, but I regularly see photos from this evironment, and I find myself looking at this kind of work fairly closely.
I think there is a certain poetry with sleeping.
I love that polaroid too.

04/29/08 01:38 AM

I'm going through a pretty bleak time right now, and your blog never fails to lighten things a little bit, to remind me that there are bigger things afoot than my own petty, transient little problems. Thanks, and please keep it up.

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