April 10, 2008

Raoul Gatepin

I read something about Raul Corrales the great Cuban photographer and thought it might be fun to do a post about photographers named Raul. But then right away I found the site of a French photographer named Raoul Gatepin who lives in Los Angeles and felt he deserved his own post. His pictures make me miss LA and making photographs there.

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04/10/08 10:45 AM

good call! raoul is a great photographer...

but he left LA! he lives in NYC now!

i wonder if he misses making photographs there too?

04/10/08 11:26 AM

He just emailed me this morning. And he's in Brooklyn!

04/10/08 11:57 AM

Yes! Raoul is indeed a wonderful photographer!

@ ben - he sure does... ;-P

04/10/08 12:48 PM

Great to see Raoul featured here! I miss his L.A. stuff, too.

04/10/08 12:56 PM

Beautiful work-- thanks so much for bringing it to my awareness :) Nice site too, by the way (I came here from the "lies I told my three-year-old" post).

04/12/08 01:19 PM

Hello. I feel like i've won a great prize!
I came to your site by way of Fazal Sheikh whose work I find totally fascinating and inspiring. and then your blog was awesome and then i discover your wife's blog and I too am an 1.5 generation K.Am and looks like we are all in Brooklyn! I love it. Thank you and you've gained another reader!

good day

04/17/08 11:43 AM


i've just been through your west coast posts and it brings a tear to the eye. i'm back in europe now after quite a time in l.a.

i too have a west-cast archive, if you're at all inclined.

meantime, i'm greatly enjoying your work. thanks!

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