March 1, 2008

Victor Cobo

While I don't necessarily understand some of the editing choices he has made, the portfolios of California based photographer Victor Cobo contain some compelling images full of narrative delight and mystery.

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03/01/08 03:02 PM


What a great powerful photo, love the mask on the women. Taken in Mexico I presume?

03/03/08 02:38 AM

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Victor a few months ago. He spoke during a Fine Art Portraiture class I was taking. His work about immigrants is very moving and you could hear and see the passion this guy has for his work. It really comes from the heart. He also had some amazing stories of his travels while documenting immigrants and their towns/cities of origin.

What really got my attention was when he talked about the act of photography. For the series "way down in the hole" he spent a lot of time in the underbelly of San Francisco, talking to people on the fringe of "normal". He is genuinely interested in these peoples lives and they were so receptive to the fact that someone was willing to spend time and listen to what they had to say.

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