March 25, 2008


Muxtape is a simple & elegant way to share online mixed tapes by photographer/programmer Justin Ouellette. Check out my very first online mixed tape:

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03/25/08 01:12 PM

I assume you mean the iPod Touch or other wifi-enabled player. I was half expecting the mixes to be downloaded to iTunes, but no...

03/25/08 09:47 PM

actually the released version doesn't seem to work with the iphone, there was a pre-release that did so nicely...

03/26/08 06:12 AM

hi - there - thx for this nice hint. I'm a member just now - hehe. but - can't listen your mixtape. only the tracks I have uploaded on my own account. could't find to share it.

03/28/08 01:21 AM

I love muxtape. I feel like I've been waiting for this forever. And super tape btw. I only wish I could download so I could play it on the run. Do you think one day the riaa will be a bad memory?

03/28/08 03:58 PM

I love that Lydia Mendoza song.

Here's mine:

03/30/08 06:37 PM

I've got to echo Michael's sentiments: I feel like I've been waiting for this forever too!

It would be really cool if people could comment on your tapes or if after you've uploaded a tape it would link you to other people who have included the same artists or tracks.

Here is mine:

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