March 20, 2008

Ian Baguskas and Mark Marchesi

It might be a little bit of inside baseball recommending shows being put on by my business partner and my gallerist, but darnit, both are worth seeing. Both shows are composed primarily of landscape photography, both are by photographers that speak in quiet voices, and both photographers happen to be super nice guys in person.

So go see Sweet Water by Ian Baguskas at the Jen Bekman Gallery. It opens on Friday and runs through the end of April (Ian was just included in the PDN 30 btw).

Then hop on the F and go see The Town and the City by Mark Marchesi at the Nelson Hancock Gallery in Dumbo. It opened last week and also runs through the end of April.

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03/21/08 04:44 AM

Found you through a link to the lies you told your three year old. Very funny. Love your photos and have you on my google reader now;) thanks for sharing. Great stuff.

03/22/08 12:28 PM

If I could, I would. Considering I seem to be liking everything that you post image-wise on this blog of yours. I wouldn't need much more than your word about how worthwhile it is to go see. It is a pity I can't make it up to New York now that I'm in DC for the week. Next time.

03/31/08 02:24 PM

Mark Marchesi's work is great...this image reminds me of Amy Bennett's work / paintings.

Thank you for the introduction.

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