January 14, 2008

Objects in the punch lines of my grandfather's jokes.

tres viboras
viente pesos
ese juercito que voy aplastar
frijoles quemado
el bigote de tu tia
el elefante
huevos... rancheros

posted at 03:39 AM by raul

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01/14/08 12:01 PM

"el bigote de tu tia" ...ah that made me laugh so hard!

01/14/08 07:55 PM

more explanation needed

03/26/08 01:35 AM

great list.

my running joke is to order penne, whenever my wife and I get italian food. but more like: "Hmm. Pienso que quiero penne. Tu que quieres? Queires penne tambien? Si, voy a pedir penne". The joke is to see how the waiter responds. Usually always gets a laugh, especially coming from the gringo.

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