September 17, 2007

Because things are happening out there...

I've been looking at lots of art photography lately and realize I am, for the most part, tired of posed pictures. I'm hungry for images with the spark of life, pictures that raise more questions than they ask- those that force you to look and look again.

Two of my favorites from this week:
eliotshepard2007.jpgEliot Shepard

emilystein.jpgEmily Stein

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09/17/07 11:12 AM

i love the emily stein and the little girl with her arms in the air. i love her body language and i have always been drawn to photos of arms outstretched. reaching for life, fun. she sort of looks like she is practicing a dance or a cheer together with someone out of frame perhaps? and it screams summer camp and being girlie! thank you...

09/17/07 11:13 AM

um nudist girlie summer camp, i guess...

09/17/07 01:03 PM

These are great, both seem to fix those rare moments between things. Moments within moments if that makes sense. I checked-in earlier today and didn't even notice there was any nudity in the 2nd image until miguelita pointed it out. That just ups the odd wonderfulness of it.

09/18/07 05:20 PM

Funny you should say that...! I can't say I am tired of non-posed pictures but close enough. After working as a photo-journalist for 12 years I became so tired of "documenting" that I did a 360 and for the last 5 or 6 years have been far more interested in creating images from scratch, (or is it starch?) as oppose to recording life around me, however artfully I might do it. I still love doing both but I have to admit that at the end of the day, at least this day, I'd rather create my world than document it.
One day you have nothing, the next I have something which for the life of me, I can't figure out how on earth you came up with it. Since I am a prisoner in my own mind and body, discovering the cage (sorry about the platitudes) has been far more liberating than recording those of others. From now on, no matter how well I shoot it, photographying the lives of others will always feel more generic.
How to say? Building from the ground up (or is it groin) feels more, for lack of a better word: Unique.

09/18/07 06:41 PM

i know exactly what you mean olivier...having been surrounded by documentary photography for my entire career, i tend to find "created" images so intriguing at this point. perhaps i'll find my way back, but the documentation of "moments" can begin to feel the same no matter how original, or talented, the photographer.

not to sound too much like a hypocrite from my original post ;).

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